Welcome! Read on and learn about the WISE Project.

WISE (Water for Irrigation, Stream and Economy) is a regionally-supported water management project that will improve the health of the Bear Creek and Little Butte Creek watersheds in Jackson County, southern Oregon. This collaborative effort will enhance the viability of regional agriculture, critical habitat, and quality of life. Project momentum has been reestablished after a two-year funding delay.

This Web site offers comprehensive information including project history, schedule, funding, and benefits. You will also find advisory committee meeting dates, public involvement opportunities, and key resources. For information, contact us.

WISE PAC members, friends and supporters

Thanks for your ongoing participation! We sincerely appreciate the many hours you have generously volunteered over the past several years. Your commitment helps keep the WISE project moving forward. We’re making real progress, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Look how far we’ve come since 2003

  • Fostered successful collaboration among diverse interests
  • Verified the validity of the WISE project
  • Conducted over 30 stakeholder interviews
  • Hosted countless project briefings
  • Led site tours
  • Designed a project Web site and outreach materials
  • Initiated the Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Statement process
  • Developed preliminary alternatives for storage, piping and re-use

Here’s to our ongoing success!

Best regards,
Steve Mason, project coordinator

WISE Project Map
WISE Project Map